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How to Control the Installation Effect of the Track Connecting Plate?

Feb. 20, 2021

As a Rail Bolt Manufacturer, share with you.

Under normal circumstances, the joint concrete of the track connecting plate is mainly made of uniformly mixed sand, stone, cement and admixtures. But in order to be able to ensure the quality of concrete, it is necessary to select a competent supplier to inspect the raw materials used, and unqualified materials must be removed from the site. In addition, in order to control the installation effect of the rail connecting plate and to give full play to the role of the rail connecting plate, other issues need to be paid attention to.

Spiral Screw

Spiral Screw

Before the construction of the track connecting plate, the operators of each process should be given corresponding technical training, and the tensioning personnel should be explained in detail. The operator is required to be familiar with the construction process of the track connecting plate and master the tension sequence. Requirements and standards. And strengthen on-site guidance and inspection, and promptly find problems and solve them in time. Calibrate each pair of wrenches before tensioning to ensure that each wrench is set to the correct torque value.

During the concrete construction period, the materials and formwork and supports on the bridge must be stacked neatly and in a uniform location, and marked as necessary when necessary. After removing the mold, clean the template and drop off the concrete in time. Take corresponding measures during concrete construction to avoid spilling concrete outside the formwork. If any, clean up in time to avoid polluting the surface of the line. When the railway is maintained, the construction water should be managed by a special person, so as to be standardized and tidy to avoid water on the surface of the line or overflow everywhere. The maintenance cover shall be covered neatly and firmly to avoid blowing over or flying everywhere.

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