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How to Install Spiral Spikes Correctly?

Apr. 07, 2021

As a Rail Bolt Manufacturer, let me share with you. When laying turnouts, many parts are used, and different parts play different roles. The damage of any kind of railway fittings will affect the overall quality of the turnouts, so whether it is when installing railway fittings or purchasing railways Particular attention is needed when making accessories. As there are many types of railway accessories, different installation specifications need to be mastered for different railway accessories. Take spiral road studs as an example, let’s briefly talk about the operating specifications for the correct installation of spiral road studs.

Spiral Screw

Spiral Screw

In fact, in order to give full play to the role of spiral spikes and avoid frequent problems during application, in addition to ensuring that the quality of the spiral spike itself is qualified, it is also necessary to install the spiral spikes correctly. The installation process of spiral spikes is not complicated, but many details need to be paid attention to. The location for installing spiral spikes should be level. For roads with expansion and contraction, cracks and uneven roads, the roads should be smoothed in advance. Use a brush to clean the installation location and make sure that the installation location is dry. Take an appropriate amount of glue and apply it evenly on the spiral spikes. Tightly press the spiral spike on the installation position to ensure that the direction is correct. If there is too much glue, be sure to clean it up.

As long as you can pay attention to the above details during the installation of the spiral spike, these details may directly affect the service life and failure rate of the spiral spike. Therefore, it is hoped that after grasping this information, users can ensure the application effect of spiral road studs by paying attention to these details. Of course, as the main product of our company, spiral road studs can not only provide customers with high-quality spiral road studs, but also provide users with detailed introduction of spiral road studs and provide more relevant information.

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