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What Details Should Be Paid Attention to When Purchasing Spiral Spikes?

Mar. 19, 2021

As a Clip Bolt Supplier, share it with you.

The material of the spiral spike is Q235-A steel, the upper thread of the spiral spike is M24, the lower thread is special M25, and the thread pitch is 3.25 mm. In addition, when selecting spiral spikes, you also need to pay attention to the surface quality of the spiral spikes. The forging cracks on the surface of the spiral spike's truncated table are not allowed to extend to the shaft. The upper thread is not allowed to have bumps and scratches that prevent the free screwing of the thread gauge. Burrs, double-tooth tips, scratches and incomplete threads that affect use are not allowed. The lower thread of the spiral spike should be neatly shaped and the thread should be complete, and no splitting marks are allowed.

Clip Bolts

Clip Bolts

Spiral studs are not allowed to have dents, burrs, burns and oxides on the surface that affect their use. Spiral studs should undergo a physical tensile test. When the load is 130kN, the spiral studs must not be broken. The upper thread of the spiral spike is checked with a thread gauge. The over-end thread gauge should be smoothly screwed into all the threads. The screw-in amount of the end-end thread is not allowed to be no more than 3, if the thread is rolled, the major diameter of the first two buckles is not checked. The type and size of spiral spikes are checked with general measuring tools or special measuring tools.

Spiral spikes are coated with anti-rust agent after the dirt is removed. Under normal transportation and storage conditions, it should be ensured that the product does not rust when it is delivered to the user. Spiral spikes should be packed firmly in boxes or bags, and the quality of each box or bag should not exceed 50kg, and the product qualification certificate should be attached. The packaging should also indicate the product name and production license number, the number and quality of the piece, the name of the manufacturer, manufacture, delivery, date, and additional instructions.

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