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What are the Different Types of Railway Joints?

Mar. 04, 2021

As a Rail Joints Supplier, share with you.

Railway joint definition

A joint that connects adjacent ends of the track, which is different from a chair that is just a seat. These two devices are sometimes combined. Among hundreds of species, fish hooks are standard. See "Fish Joint" under "Fish".

Railway joints play a connecting function in railways. High-quality railway joints can effectively reduce the impact of wheels when they pass through the joint section of rails, and improve the stability and continuity of passing trains. As one of the important components of the railway, the railway joint bar is widely used in light rail and heavy rail to ensure the safety of railway transportation.

Din Standard Rail Joint Bar

Din Standard Rail Joint Bar 

Different types of railway unions

Railroad sections can be divided into many types, including common rail sections, eclectic railroad sections, convex railroad sections, insulated railroad sections and glue-insulated railroad sections. Different types can be used for different purposes.

Common rail joint

Common rail joints are the most commonly used rail joints in rail connection and usually have a regular shape. There are two types, namely 4-hole and 6-hole. We can produce two types to suit your rails. In addition, we can also produce matching rail fishplates for different standard rails.

Damage joint bar

Compromise connecting rods are usually used to connect two different rails, which can connect them together and precisely match each other. Break the joint rod to make the joint section flat and smooth. Due to the special function of the eclectic connecting rod, it has two different rods: the gauge side connecting rod and the outer connecting rod.

Slow moving railway joint

Slow-moving railway joints, also called protruding railway joints, have a protruding part in the middle. Different from other rail joints, the protruding rail joints of the rail are usually used for the joints of broken welded rails or the use of emergency fixtures to temporarily repair the broken welded rails. It can be used in various railway sections and can be used for temporary maintenance.

Insulated track joint

Insulated track joints are resistors and are usually used for electrical parts of railway tracks. It is usually composed of insulating material on the surface of railway joints to prevent signal and electrical transmission. There are two types of end posts for insulated rails: glued end posts and inserted end posts.

Glued insulated track joint

Glued insulated rail joints are usually used for long welded rails. With the minimum number of installation components, the glued insulated rail joints can be installed easily. It is the right place to install glued insulated rail joints in the track circuit area.

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