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What is the Removal Process of Fastener Burrs?

Feb. 02, 2021

Fasteners are commonly used parts of daily life, and they are widely used. Quality plays a key role in the use of fasteners. Among them, burrs will directly affect the quality of fasteners. What is fastener burrs? What? How are fastener burrs formed? How to remove such burrs well? Rail Bolt Manufacturer tells you related issues based on experience.

Rail Clamp Plate

Rail Clamp Plate

What are fastener burrs?

Although the burr is not a big thing, it directly affects the quality of the product, making the original good quality product look like a "defective product". The fastener burr refers to the extremely small microscopic metal particles on the surface of the fastener. These particles are called burrs by us.

How are fastener burrs formed?

When fasteners are formed during cutting, grinding, milling and other similar chip processing.

Method to remove burrs on fasteners:

In order to improve the performance and service life of fasteners, it is necessary to remove fastener burrs before using fasteners. Fasteners are commonly used parts of machinery and equipment, and are also important parts. Therefore, the surface, acute angles and edges need to achieve a high degree of metal cleanliness. The main methods for removing burrs are traditional mechanical technology, grinding, polishing and other processes with different degrees of automation.

A chemical process can also be used to remove fastener burrs so that the quality of fasteners can be better guaranteed. All fasteners are immersed in multiple containers in turn, one of which contains a chemical solution. A simple immersion treatment will remove all burrs, make the surface of the workpiece smooth and flat, with rounded corners, and bring users unprecedented high quality. Deburring with chemical solutions is not only environmentally friendly but also saves a lot of production and personnel costs.

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