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What Should I do if the Screw is Rusty?

Mar. 11, 2021

As a Rail Bolt Manufacturer, share with you.

Screws and nuts are also common fasteners in our daily life, but rust is also a common problem phenomenon of screws and nuts, and the ability to easily unscrew rusted screws and nuts is the method we all want to know most, Chinese standard Based on the knowledge of the screw and nut, here, I will share with you about the rust of the screw and nut, no matter how bad the rust is, I will teach you a good way to loosen it easily.

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Rail Rubber Pads

Method 1: Beat to help loosen the rusty screw and nut

In the process of using the screw and nut, if the rust is not very serious and it is a larger screw and nut, we can use the method of tapping to loosen the screw and nut. The rusted screws seem to be very strong, but only some rust is used to fix them. Sometimes this method is effective when hitting. Hold the wrench in one hand to fix the screw, and the other hand to hold the hammer to hit the tail of the wrench. , You can tap with little strength first, if you still can't twist, then increase the strength appropriately. Be careful with the force, if you have no experience, tap slowly to avoid knocking.

Knock a few more times like this and use a wrench to twist it. If it is loose, it can be unscrewed. Not only can the screw be kept intact, but also fast.

Method 2: Carbonated drinks to remove rust stains, easily unscrew the screws and nuts

Using carbonated beverage spraying, carbonated beverages contain carbonic acid. Carbonic acid can react with the iron oxide in the rust. During the reaction, the rust gradually disappears or is softened, and the natural screws and nuts will not be rusted. This method is possible. It is relatively slow, you can prepare a watering can spray continuously, and use a wrench to gently pull it back and forth to try to loosen it.

After a few minutes, it will be fine. If the rust is serious, you need to extend the time. After unscrewing, remember to make carbonated drinks with water or replace the screws, otherwise it will easily continue to rust if you use it again.

Method 3: Alcohol + white vinegar + detergent to remove rust stains and easily unscrew the screws and nuts

Add appropriate amount of water to the bottle, then pour two caps of alcohol, two caps of white vinegar, and two caps of detergent, and shake them evenly. Pour some on the screws, let them sit for a few minutes, and then gently tighten them with a wrench. The rusty screws can be loosened immediately, and the screws can be removed without any effort.

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