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Rail Clamp Plates

product description

Rail Clamp-HUIBO

HUIBO provide rail clamp series: Nabla clamp, elastic clamp, SKL tension clamp, O-clamp, gauge lock clamp, etc., with an annual production capacity of 4 million pieces.

Rail Clamp

Rail clamp sometimes called rail clip or rail fixing clip is a device for clamping on rails to prevent or halt the movement of railroad cars past a given point (as at platforms or on stub tracks).

These Rail clamps, otherwise known as rail clamps or rail clamps, are devices that are fixed to the track and prevent the train from moving or passing a given point to the ground (such as on a platform or short rail) to avoid accidents. The basic features of rail clamps are boltable, self-locking, adjustable, with good tolerances and high clamp strength, which is mainly device used to maintain the lateral position of the rail, especially crane rail, but allow necessary longitudinal movement.

Railway track fasteners are part of the track used to connect the track and sleepers (or other types of track pads), also known as the intermediate link section. Its function is to fix the guide rail on the sleeper, maintain the gauge and prevent the guide rail from moving longitudinally and laterally relative to the sleeper. Railway track fastening system is divided into: shrapnel fastening system, clip fastening system, elastic fastening system.

Rail Clamp Specification

Mateiral: Mild Steel, Cast Iron

Surface Treatment: Zinc-Plated, Sandblasting, Plain

Production Engineering: Forging, Casting.

HUIBO Fastening System

HUIBO follow AREMA, DIN, BS, UIC, GOST, NF, JIS, GB and other standards, and also provide E clamp fastening system, SKL (W) tensile clamp system, Nabla fastening system, KPO clamp system, crane, at the same time, we Ability to customize products based on your samples or drawings

Quality is the top priority of our products. HUIBO quality control management uses advanced equipment and the latest technology. We have obtained the production license from the Chinese Ministry of Railways and obtained the ISO9001-2008 certificate. We have a complete line of complete testing equipment.

HUIBO's railway fasteners and systems have been exported to many countries, such as: the United States, Australia, Brazil and South Africa. In order to provide first-class railway fasteners all over the world, we have been doing our best to become your reliable manufacturer and supplier in the railway fastening industry.

Rail Clamp Plates
Rail Clamp Plates
Mateiral: Mild Steel, Cast Iron
Surface Treatment: Zinc-Plated, Sandblasting, Plain
Production Engineering: Forging, Casting.

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