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Rail Anchors

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HUIBO Rail Anchor

Rail Anchor

Rail holders are used to hold the bottom of the rail tightly on both sides of the cross knot. It is made of spring steel in one piece and is designed to eliminate the sliding, expansion or contraction of the track.

The one-piece rail anchor made of spring steel is designed to fasten the rail to the bottom of the rail to prevent longitudinal movement of the rail.

The track anchor is directly applied to the track base and provides a large supporting surface against the track base and the track tie, thereby preventing wear and cutting, and ultimately extending the service life of the track tie. According to the specific track weight and foundation width, anchors can be divided into two types: free-driving track anchors and spring-type track anchors.


Properly Anchor Railing to Concrete

Measure your location-make sure your location is suitable for railings. Clean the area thoroughly and measure to obtain the required size of railing.

Test the railing-You need several people to fix the railing in the expected position. Before drilling any holes, make sure that the railing is properly installed and rule out any possible problems or obstacles.

Drilling-Mark the hole on the concrete with the base flange of the railing. Then use a hammer drill to drill holes in the concrete to be anchored. Then, use a store vacuum cleaner to remove all debris from the hole.

Fix the anchor to the concrete-After drilling the hole and removing all debris, insert the anchor into the hole and use a hammer to push it in.

Connect the flange to the fixing bolt-put the flange on the bolt, and then tighten the bolt to the flange by hand.

Tighten the bolt-Use a wrench to tighten the nut to the bolt, and then use a hacksaw to cut off the anchor bolt left above the nut.

Connect the railing to the flange base-After installing the flange, insert the railing and tighten with appropriate hardware. Again, this will depend on the railing you use.

Rail Anchors
Rail Anchors
Standard Reference: AS1085.10-20002, DIN, ISO-9001
Surface Treatment: Plain / Oxide Black / Zinc Plated / Normal Painting / Sandblasting, etc
Raw Material: 60Si2MnA / 45# / QT500-7
Production Engineering: Forging ,Casting


With more than 20 years production experience, the "HuiBo Team" has been engaged in export mainly and domestic sales as a supplement, in strict accordance with the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system. Now our products are well accepted around the worldwide Railway material Market with high quality and Competitive price. We will continue to concentrate on production service and technology development, dedicated to build a world-class rail fasteners production base in China.





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