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  • J2Rail Fastening System

  • J2Rail Fastening System

J2Rail Fastening System

product description

J2Rail Fastening SystemJ2Rail Fastening System
J2Rail Fastening SystemSpring PlateAnchor BoltGuide PlateHex NutFlat WasherRail Pad
Raw Material60C2XA / 45#Grade 4.6: Q235; Grade 5.6: 35# Grade 8.8: 45#Reinforced Nylon 66 (PA66)Grade5: 35#
Grade8: 45#
Q235/35#/45#EVA, or rubber
ApplicationJ2-UIC60 / J2-UIC54 / J2-RN45 / J2-P50 / J2-AREA 115RE

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