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  • Plastic Dowel (Plastic Sleeve)

Plastic Dowel (Plastic Sleeve)

product description

Plastic Dowel (Plastic Sleeve)
Plastic Dowel (Plastic Sleeve)
ApplicationsFor different sizes of screw spikes or Anchor bolts
Raw MaterialReinforced Nylon 66 (PA66: Nylon 66.69%, glass fiber 30%, other 1%)HDPE
Technical InformationsDensity: 1.3-1.45g/cm3Density: 0.95-0.98g/cm3
Tensile strength: ≥170MpaTensile strength: ≥19Mpa
Elongation: ≤4.4%Elongation: >80%
Bending Strength: ≥250Mpa/
Impact Strength(No gap): ≥80KJ/m2
Melting point: 250-270°CMelting point: 170-190°C
Insulation resistance: ≥1×108ΩInsulation resistance: ≥1×1010Ω
Glass fiber content: 30-35%/
Hardness: ≥110HRRHardness: ≥98A
ColourYellow, black, white, blue, green, based on Specific Requirements.

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